Instant loan despite Credit Bureau

Many consumers would be happy if Credit Bureau didn’t exist. It is often the reason why a loan application is not accepted or that the data stored there makes it significantly more difficult to take out a loan.

But Credit Bureau data is very important for banks and savings banks. They make it possible to quickly determine the applicant’s creditworthiness. If this is bad, the application for a loan is rejected out of hand. Then the prospect has to see where and how they can take out an instant loan despite Credit Bureau.

this is possible

this is possible

Since the traditional banks do not grant an instant loan despite Credit Bureau, you either have to look abroad or contact private investors.

You usually get a loan from abroad in Switzerland. The banks located there are very accommodating and also grant an immediate loan to foreign customers despite Credit Bureau.To be granted the loan, you have to have a good income as a borrower. If possible, you should not be self-employed and ideally work in the public service. If this is not the case, you should collate other collateral from the outset that you can offer the bank. Valuables or insurance are always welcome in this context. A surety could also bring the desired security.

Conditions of conventional loans

If you decide to look for a private donor in Germany, you will usually find it via the Internet. There are corresponding offers on various platforms that bring seekers and funders together.

The conditions for such a loan differ somewhat from the conditions of conventional loans. Interest rates are higher and processing fees may apply. You also have to reckon with the fact that the requested amount cannot always be included. Often only a small loan is possible, as the risk of default on the part of the lender is otherwise too high.


An instant loan despite Credit Bureau can be taken out if you do not necessarily want it from your house bank and if you are willing to compromise on interest and other costs relating to the loan.

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