You have to pay attention to this with a reputable loan calculator.

Those who want to buy a certain consumer article on the Internet today usually do not opt ​​for the top product on the first page – most consumers usually compare the prices of different providers before buying the product in order to get the best offer.

Always looking for the cheapest price now seems to be no longer just a popular sport of the Swabians. But the trend here is not just to compare different consumer goods prices – there are now numerous portals and websites on the Internet that also enable consumers to compare different financial products, such as checking accounts or loans, free of charge.

Beware of dubious loan comparisons

Beware of dubious loan comparisons

Compared to TV prices, the savings potential when comparing different loan offers is enormous – even a lower loan rate can reduce the total loan costs during the term by several hundred euros. When choosing a particular credit comparison on the Internet, however, consumers should pay attention to some features so as not to fall for dubious providers. The comparison of various loan offers on the Internet should initially always be free of charge for the customer – fees for arranging the loan request or down payments before the payment of the money are, for example, clear signs of dubious business conduct.

To find the right and cheapest offer for the individual financing request, all you have to do is enter the required amount of money and the term in the comparison calculator – just a few moments later the loan calculator has determined the various conditions of many different banks. Such a portal usually also gives consumers the opportunity to apply for loans at certain special interest rates that are only offered via the respective portal and not with the bank itself.

Applying for the loan conveniently from the sofa

Applying for the loan conveniently from the sofa

If you have found the right loan offer for you, you can also apply for the loan conveniently using the comparison calculator – the bank does not have to be contacted separately. After entering some relevant data, the request is forwarded directly to the bank – usually the customer receives a preliminary financing decision from the bank a few minutes later. If the subsequent, second credit check by the bank is also positive for the customer, the money will be paid out to the applicant’s checking account within a few days.

By the way: Even consumers who are already paying off an installment loan can easily get information about the current loan conditions of the banks via a loan calculator and then save a lot of money by rescheduling.

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